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We carry three types of bark mulch in Bulk,

Hemlock, Pine Mix (Pine, Spruce and Fir) and “BLACK BEAUTY”

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As always we offer FREE  Mulch DELIVERY 
to anyone in the local area with an order of 3 yards or more.


Also, don’t forget with 3 yards or more you will get a coupon for a
FREE sandwich from our Boar’s Head Deli.


We can  arrange deliveries outside the local area for a small fee.


Our LOAM is the BEST around.

Our loam is a combination of Clean Top Soil mixed with Compost

and Horse Manure and sifted through a half inch screen.

Thus, you will NOT find rocks, sticks, glass or any other foreign objects in you loam.

Put some in your garden, use some to top dress your yard.

Just spread it and watch your plantings grow.


Be careful when you call around for pricing.

If their price is real cheap, it might be just top soil and sand 

which doesn’t  have any nutritional value.

Always ask, “What does your loam consist of and what size screen is used “.


Sand and Stone Products in Bulk

All stone products are granite from the quarry here in Westford.

All stone and sand orders will be charged $30 per Ton.

There is a two ton minimum.

Minimum of $50 for delivery

Stone Sand

Stone Dust

Stone Dust

1/2 Inch Crushed Stone

3/4 Inch Crushed Stone

1 1/2  inch Crushed Stone

1/2 Minus Crushed Base

1 Inch Crushed Base

 Crushed Concrete Base

You can call Dave directly for quotes for
Loam, Sand and Stone